Author: Gail Frayna

Is Indoor Cycling as Effective as an Actual Bike Ride?

Here’s a link of an article where I was interviewed about benefits of Indoor and Outdoor Cycling and what muscles are involved. Here are some of my recommendations where you can go for indoor cycling in the area.

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Superman Exercise! Up, up and away!

Do you want to feel like a hero while working out?  Well here’s your chance to gain those super powers at the comfort of your home! This exercise does not require any equipment at all! All you you need is your bodyweight—and a cape. Okay, just kidding about the cape.

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Top 3 things to do in Union City after your Scoliosis treatment

There is so much to do in our area (Union City, Weehawken and Hoboken) and we understand that having pain and limited movement from Scoliosis can be frustrating. Scoliosis is a curvature in our spine that typically occurs during the growth spur of our puberty.  It can affect any part

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Another Success Story at our Union City Clinic

Here in Hudson Premier PT & Sports, you are our family! We  provide you with personalized, 1:1 care and making sure we achieve your goals! Call us now! Tell us what your goals are.. Be it performing better in sports such as golf, tennis, football, performing better at the gym

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