Physical Therapist in Jersey City Shows You 3 Places to Visit After Fixing Your Knee Pain

When you have knee pain, it’s difficult to enjoy the attractions in Jersey City.

Walking is difficult, climbing stairs is nearly impossible, and just standing for a prolonged period of time can bring about the pain.

Here are some tips to manage your knee pain:

1. Do some quad sets.. In a lying down or long sitting position, push your knee down and hold it for 5-10 secs. do it 10 times
2. Pump your ankles while sitting down you may just need some blood flow going
3. Long arc quads – in a seated position, lift your lower leg up, hold it of 5 secs and do it 10 times

Once your knee is better here are some sites I recommend:

1. Liberty state park
2. Lincoln Park
3. My favorite restaurant! Ani Ramen

If you want to fix your knee quickly and avoid medication and surgery, call us or a free screening at 877-576-4681


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