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At Hudson Premier PT & Sports in Jersey City, NJ, we’re excited to introduce you to the revolutionary 360 Core Board. This cutting-edge service enhances your core strength and stability like never before. The 360 Core Board is a dynamic and innovative exercise platform that engages your core muscles through 360 degrees of movement. It targets various areas, including your abdominal, obliques, lower back, and hip muscles. This service suits individuals looking to improve their core strength, balance, and overall fitness.

Results from 360 Core Board sessions can typically be seen within a few weeks of consistent training. The duration of the results largely depends on individual effort and maintenance. We recommend regular sessions to keep your core muscles strong and toned to maximize the benefits. There is no downtime or significant side effects associated with this treatment. Before your session, wear comfortable workout attire, and after the treatment, you can continue your daily activities as usual. During the 360 Core Board session, you can expect a challenging yet rewarding workout experience that will leave you feeling stronger and more balanced. Ready to take your core fitness to the next level? Book your appointment with us today and start your journey to a stronger, healthier core.

Benefits of 360 Core Board

360 core board | Hudson Premier PT & Sports | NJ


Anyone looking to improve core strength and stability can benefit from this service.

You can typically see results within a few weeks of consistent training.

Results can last with regular maintenance and continued workouts.

No, there is no downtime or significant side effects.

Wear comfortable workout attire; after the session, you can resume your regular activities.

You can expect a challenging yet rewarding workout that targets your core muscles and improves balance and stability.

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