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Introducing The First Pixformance in New Jersey!

Pixformance offers a digital platform for physiotherapy and rehabilitation, focusing on digital motion analysis and therapy. It includes a station for real-time exercise guidance and feedback, ensuring accurate and safe exercise execution. The platform is adaptable for various patient needs, enhancing therapy effectiveness and patient independence.

Introductory price is $20/Session or $200/Month for unlimited use. Must schedule but walk-ins welcome.

Pixformance is an innovative fitness service that redefines personal training and physical therapy. Using the latest technology, it offers a fully digital, interactive workout experience that adapts to individual needs and goals. This service is particularly effective in strength training, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, and balance improvement. Pixformance is suitable for a wide range of individuals, from fitness enthusiasts to those undergoing rehabilitation. The interactive nature of the workouts means that users can start noticing results within a few weeks of consistent use, depending on their fitness level and commitment. The longevity of these results largely depends on continued use and commitment to a regular workout routine.

Hudson Premier PT & Sports in Hoboken, NJ, proudly offers Pixformance to its clients. We invite you to experience the benefits of this advanced fitness solution. Book your appointment today and take the first step towards a fitter, healthier you!

Key benefits of Pixformance include:

The Pixformance platform offers several benefits, including:


Pixformance is an advanced digital platform specifically designed for physiotherapy and rehabilitation. It incorporates digital motion analysis technology, providing real-time feedback and guidance during exercises. This platform is particularly effective in ensuring exercises are performed accurately and safely, greatly enhancing the overall therapy experience.

The platform boasts a diverse library of over 350 exercises. This extensive range ensures that it can cater to a wide array of physiotherapy needs, allowing therapists to tailor rehabilitation programs precisely to individual patient requirements and goals.

Absolutely. Pixformance is well-suited for use during a pandemic as it emphasizes non-contact exercises.

One of Pixformance’s key strengths is its ability to offer personalized exercise programs. Therapists can customize routines based on individual patient needs, progress, and specific rehabilitation goals, making it a highly adaptable tool in physiotherapy.

Pixformance features training history tracking for measurable improvements in coordination, strength, endurance, and mobility, providing valuable therapy insights.

The platform’s versatility and adaptability cater to a wide range of patients with diverse rehab needs. Its customizable exercises and targeted therapy capabilities benefit various patient demographics.

Anyone seeking a personalized, interactive workout experience can benefit from Pixformance, including fitness enthusiasts and those needing physical rehabilitation.

Results can be seen within a few weeks of consistent use, varying according to individual fitness levels and commitment.

The longevity of results depends on continued and regular use of the Pixformance program and a consistent fitness regimen.

Pixformance is a non-invasive fitness service with no downtime. Users might experience typical workout-related soreness.

Before a session, ensure proper hydration and a light meal. Post-treatment, focus on good nutrition and hydration to aid recovery.

Expect a fully interactive, digital workout experience with real-time feedback tailored to your fitness level and goals.

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