We extend a 30% discount if you are paying Cash Out of Pocket, have high deductible insurance plans or if you are opting out of your HMO (please see Cash Discounts below). We accept most insurances at our standard rates. We also accept auto insurance, attorney liens and cash pay.

We extend discounts if you are undergoing Financial Hardship situations.


Initial Exam

Includes exam, education, self-care, home exercises


Includes progress note, self & home care

Pressure-Point Release

Reduces spasm and pain. Enhances normalization

Soft-tissue mobilization

Reduces scar tissue and enhances circulation

Joint Mobilization

Improves motion and balanced movement

Exercise Session 1

Instruction on how to improve strength & flexibility

Exercise Session 2

Supervised conditioning & strengthening in our facility

Biomechanical Correction

Re-establishes healthy movement to reduce pain

Neuromuscular Re-education

Re-trains muscles to normal function

Electrical Stimulation

Stimulates the reduction of pain and spasms

Infrared Red Light Therapy

Helps cells regenerate and improves circulation of oxygen-rich blood, promoting faster healing of deep tissues and relieving pain. 

Heat or Ice

Helps to reduce inflammation by effecting blood vessels

One Laser Session

2-10 Minutes

Graston Tech

Improves movement, decreases scar tissue adhesion and circulation

Kinesio Tape

Relieves pain, inhibits or facilitates mms, helps with swelling and corrects joint

Myofacial Release

Normatec Boots Therapy

Removes toxins, reduces inflammation and water accumulation, improves circulation, and accelerates recovery. Helps prevent and eliminate first-stage varicose veins.

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