Patient Testimonials

“I used to be bed-bound, but Gail never gave up on me, even when my doctors gave up on me. Now, I am able walk with a walker and enjoy being under the sun and enjoy the breeze on my porch.”

Richard Rubino

“Before I came to Dr. Frayna, I suffered from knee pain which seriously affected my walking. I could not walk up a few stairs without pain. After only a couple of months physical therapy with Dr. Frayna, I started to feel much better. The pain is almost gone and I can walk normally now. I recommend Dr. Frayna to anyone who needs physical therapy for knee pain.”

Amanda Wu

“There are no words that can express how much Ron and I appreciate your continuous support in every way. You never stop amazing us on my way to recovery. We look forward to coming every Tuesday and Thursday as it is the highlight of my day.”

Jenn and Ron

“Thanks for everything. I really like this clinic.”

Blanca Tarazona

“Just a note to let you know what excellent treatment I am receiving for my Lymphedema therapy. I would recommend therapist Sandra Gail Frayna to anyone needing therapy.”

Antoinette Verdino

“Sandie has done more for my pain than any other physical therapist I have gone to.”

Sonia Clavell

“Thank you for sending me to Sandra Frayna for Physical Therapy. A great person and professional.”

Don Wilson, Jr.

“Thank you for sending me to HPPS for PT. Only 5 visits and I feel better!”

Gladys Lopez

“My experience at the physical therapy office has been amazing and I have seen a dramatic improvement.”

Luis C. Rojas

“This place is the best, I would not want to go any other Physical Therapy Practice!”

Jimmy Rodriguez

“She cured me and it only been 6 visits. I feel GREAT!”

James Kim

“I want to thank you so much for taking good care of my mom and especially for giving her a pain free life. she is doing very well thank you again”

Sally Velazquez

“I am feeling much better. I have a lot more energy to get up everyday and the best part is that its painless now. Gail helped me feel relief with in 4 sessions. Keniso Tape is the BEST!”

Nory Peralta

“Receiving therapy here at HPPS has helped me more then I would have imagined I feel better then ever.”

Elizabeth Emmons

“I really loved the way I was treated here at HPPS they made me feel like family and the treatments where effective. I suffered from jumpers knee and after a few sessions I was walking and jumping normally again. Due to the amount of love and support I received her at HPPS I am looking forward on becoming a physical therapist.”

Isaac Alberto

“The staff here is so friendly and kind its like they known me forever.”


“HPPS is the best I can walk up the stairs now with no pain. The laser treatment works!”

Alexander Martinez

“After taking part in a car accident I was recommended to receive therapy here at HPPS and I have no regrets and a life with out pain.”

Carlos Luz

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