Physical Therapist in Union City shows you 3 top places to visit or enjoy after fixing your Low Back Pain

Having Low Back Pain can be so frustrating as we can’t enjoy our local attractions.

It is difficult to do the things we love like walking around the park, going to places we like to go for dinner or even sit to have coffee with a friend, maybe dancing or performing sports can cause increased low back pain.

Here are some tips to manage your Low Back Pain:

1. In a standing position, clasp both hands and reach towards the ceiling while squeezing your butt at the same time. This will help elongate your spine.
2 Stretch your hip flexors. (If you sit too much, these muscles tends to shorten and cause low back pain) . One simple way to stretch these muscles is to do a half kneeling pose, reach up and backwards with same side arm of your kneeling knee. Hold for 20-30 secs and do 3 times.
3. Lateral truck rotations. Do this when lying down face up with both legs bent and foot flat on whatever surface you’re lying down on. Now lower down both knees laterally (side to side) while keeping both knees together at all times. Hold to one side for 5 secs then switch to the other side. Do this 10 times once a day.

Once your Low Back Pain subsides, here are some places I recommend:

3. Take the Ferry to go explore NYC!

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Don’t let pain hold you down!


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