Physical Therapy in Jersey City Uses Surprisingly Different Approach to Pain Relief

One in four Americans suffer with chronic pain. It affects more people than diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined.

It’s a huge problem.

The most common types are lower back pain (27%), headache/migraine (15%), and neck pain (15%).

And even though we spend billions of dollars every year, the problem appears to be getting worse not better.
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So why is that?

The short answer…

The treatments most choose to relieve chronic pain are temporary. Things such as:

• Medication
• Heat/Ice
• Massage
• Ointments

These options mask the symptoms but do NOT get to the root cause.

Many choose these options because they are quick and easy. And they think they are inexpensive but the fact of the matter is, over the long-run, they are more costly than the real solution.

So what is the real solution?

Typically for most people the real solution is found in the following steps:

1. Control (and eliminate) the inflammation by identifying the imbalances in the muscles and joints that cause inflammation with everyday movements.
2. Correct the imbalances with specialized movement/exercise that strengthens the weak muscles and lengthens the tight muscles.
3. Perform movements 3 days per week (for as little as 8min per day) until the imbalances are gone and body is normalized.

It’s best to see an expert or a professional such as a physical therapist to determine your unique imbalances and structure a plan for you. It only takes 1-3 sessions depending on the complexity of your condition and may only cost between $37 to $87 per session. And the results are fairly quick. Many feel significant improvement the very first session.

The overall cost for a real solution is small compared to repeatedly paying for temporary treatments. Since many suffer with chronic pain for over 3 years, the cost can add up.

Our physical therapists in Jersey City are licensed and trained in treating chronic pain with real solutions that last for the longterm.


Gail Frayna, physical therapist, helps a client end chronic pain.

We have successfully treated over 2,000 patients of all ages and body types. Here’s what one client had to say,

“I want to thank you so much for taking good care of my mom and especially for giving her a pain free life. she is doing very well thank you again”

Sally Velazquez

See more success stories here.

For a limited-time, we are offering the residents of Jersey City a FREE Screen and Treatment. Just call to schedule your session. (877) 576-4681

Who This is For

• If your pain or problem is lasting for more than 30-days.
• Pain or problem interferes with work, sleep, or daily activities.
• You feel your self-confidence is decreasing.
• Between the age of 18 to 90 years of age.
• Male or Female

I really want to emphasize to you that…

…you don’t have to live in pain.

It is treatable. And it’s not as difficult or costly as you might think.

Living with chronic pain often leads to a bigger problem…depression. And that can dramatically affect your self-esteem and lease on life.

I hope you choose to make an investment in yourself and future by taking the time to call me today. (877) 576-4681

Hope to talk to you soon 🙂

Sandra Gail Frayna, PT/Founder

Sandra Gail Frayna, PT in Jersey City


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